Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A long time gone

Wow, so almost a week and I posted up nothing. Forgive my laziness. I was hit by a touch of sickness last week, and it had me exhausted and not wanting to do anything. Well, other than lie around and maybe play a few games. The games of last Wendesday that I alluded to in my last post were up and down. The first, I faced the dreaded Dark Eldar once again. This time it didn't go so well.

I fought against the same list as before, but this time I switched mine up a little bit, taking a Vanguard Veteran squad in a Drop Pod, Pedro Kantor instead of a Termie Librarian, and a Thunderfire Cannon. Well, I had forgotten about the Drop Pod Assault rules, and begrudgingly had to land the pod the first turn. They managed to pulp some Warriors that were sitting pretty on an objective. . .but then two Talos came on the board (stupid Dawn of War!), and, well, I think you can guess what happened. From there, it was all downhill. My attempt to rush combat squads across the table to press an assault faltered when one Rhino blew up and the other was Immobilized. My Land Raider was failing like a champ when it came to knocking out open topped, Armor 10 Raiders, and a combat squad of mine decided to become pinned and fail to even shoot at the Warrior squad that was sitting well within double-tap range with no cover to hide them.

Still, my opponent, Kevin, is an amiable sort, and we had a good time. It ended in a Minor Victory, as I managed to keep him from capturing my objective while having nothing remotely near his. Although I did almost managed to kill off the unit that held his objective, between the storm bolter on my drop pod and Pedro Kantor's Chapter Master orbital bombardment.

Game two when much better for me. My opponent had a scary list, all Plague Marines and Berserkers in Rhinos, accompanied by flying daemon princes and two defilers. But I managed to steal the initiative and start popping/immobilizing Rhinos before they moved. One daemon prince never saw the light of combat, thanks to Sternguard Vets and their beloved Hellfire Rounds. The other, with one wound left, assaulted a tactical squad sheltering in the cratered ruins of their destroyed Rhino, and died before getting to swing. Pedro and his company of Assault Terminators also made short work of Plague Marines and Berserkers alike, not to mention a pair of Obliterators that attempted to end their Land Raider. I managed to clear the table by Turn Five.

All in all, it was a fun night of gaming. I wasn't overly impressed by the Thunderfire Cannon. In game one it did chew up Dark Eldar Warriors across the table. . .but it also decided to scatter later on in such a way that one of the template flips actually struck the techpriest. In the second game, well, against power-armored targets (half with Feel No Pain), it didn't fare so well. After it was destroyed, though, the techmarine decided to rip up some Deathguard with his twin-linked plasma pistol.

Sadly, tomorrow night will be the last regular gaming night for our winter campaign. With a record of 4 - 2 - 2, I think I'll have to play a game or two to strengthen my winning percentage. We'll see what a general challenge brings.

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