Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It's not my fault

Wow, so a whole week just sort of flew by there. I'll be honest. . .I haven't done any painting since last Tuesday. Ya got me. But, as the title suggests, it's not my fault. Because I have an addiction. . .
That's right. . .Sega Genesis. No, I sadly do not have my old genesis, covered in dust, left long unused and unloved in some dark closet. But in the wonderful world of the interweb, I do have a Genesis emulator. Every year or so I'll fire these bad boys up again, ever since I discovered them my sophomore year of college. Then I'll play some of the great, old classics for a few weeks straight, doing little to nothing else, until I get bored of them again. But that's neither here no there.

Recently, I was in a Shadowrun game that, due to some unfortunate scheduling issues, has been put on indefinite hold. Needing to get my fix of running around with a Ruger Super Warhawk saying "Null sweat, chummer," led me to remember the aforementioned sophomore year where I discovered the Shadowrun ROM for genesis. Prior to this, my only experience with the game had been admiring older scouts in my boy scout troop playing this cool sounding game with weird rams head things on the book covers when I was about eleven. I didn't get much into the game back then, as it's pretty complex, but having a better understanding of the Shadowrun environment, now I'm officially addicted. I mean, come on. . .look at these sweet graphics!
Alright, so maybe the graphics aren't so sweet, but anyone in my age range (mid twenties to early thirties) can join me in remembering a time when games were centered around substance, plot and entertainment value as opposed to being eye candy where the best games are the ones that allow you to kill the most people (I'm not saying shooting people up in video games is bad, but it shouldn't be the entire point of the game). This game is definitely a solid one. You start off in a crappy hotel in the Redmond Barrens trying to get your dead brother's stuff from the hotel owner, but the jerk wants 250 nuyen and you have all of 0. So you find yourself a Mr. Johnson and the fun starts.

This game is great for many reasons. For starters, the game is completely non-linear. I've been playing this since at least Friday, and haven't even advanced halfway through the plot. What do you do in the meantime? Get contracts from Johnsons, earn more cred and buy some whiz gear.

Anyway, my apologies to any of you that have turned to this blog as any source of insight, inspiration, entertainment or simple time killing. I've got another post on deck, about Blood Angels, but I might not get to that until tomorrow night. The wife's going out, so I may crank up some music or put on some 30 Rock and jam out my thoughts on the new 'dex. Oh, and I'm totally stoked -- because my order comes in on Friday!


  1. This was one of the most amazing video games!! I loved hacking in this game... God I need to go find a emulator of this...

  2. Can you get Sega games on the Wii?