Friday, February 26, 2010

Termie Librarian

Another project that I started earlier this week was a Terminator Librarian. This was essentially to diversify my current Space Marine army for the rest of a winter campaign I'm running, so I haven't put any effort into adding bits, purity seals, etc., nevermind painting him. Anyway, here he is, Master Librarian Leandros, the Seer of Mount Thanatos.

I may eventually replace the Assault Termie Sarge shield with a large, round Hoplon shield. The theme for my BA army will be a blend of Ancient Roman and Ancient Greek. The Angels of Purity recruit from the planet Antiquitas, which consists of two major, similar cultures (you guessed it. . .one Greek and one Roman). Even after they're recruited into the chapter, they're allowed to retain their culture through their name, and if they attain Veteran status, are allowed to customize their armor in a more greek or roman fashion (so a Hoplon shield or Scutum, xiphos or gladius, etc.). Anyway, as Leandros is (obviously) from a more Greek tradition, and I wanted him to have a Storm Shield (3+ Invuln FTW!), a large shield and gigantic spear just seemed to fit. Oh, and for a size comparison on that bad boy. . .

So, with one point on the ground, the spear is almost twice as long as a terminator and base. It was a simple conversion too. I simply clipped the head and pommel off of a thunder hammer, cut up a Chaos Knight lance, and blammo -- gigantic force weapon.

The model itself hasn't seen any combat yet, though a proxy did in his stead (and died in one of two games). But he shall cut his teeth this coming Wednesday!

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