Thursday, February 25, 2010

Something I've Never Considered (40k advice)

So I was bumming around on BoLS a little while ago, and I stumbled across this article. This is an aspect of the game that I had never considered before. As primarily a Warhammer player, I've come to understand that games can be won or lost through the art of deployment, and the outcomes of many games (especially fantasy) can be determined just by looking at two fully deployed armies. But using objective placement to throw off my opponent's army never crossed my mind.

Having a shooty marine list, I tend to place objectives toward board edges and in cover, so I can plop a combat squad with a heavy weapon right on them and hold, while my other combat squads rush forward to threaten my enemy. But perhaps it would be more effective to place them in the open. After all, most armies lack in a large amount of AP3 or better weapons, and I could always hide my marines in cover nearby until the end of the game, when they rush out and grab the objective. This would have the double benefit of giving me clear lines of fire to enemy units attempting to snap up objectives, as well as denying cover saves to said enemy units. As most of my opponents are Orks, Tyranids and Daemons, cover saves tend to be vital for them.

Once I switch over to my assault-heavy Blood Angels list (two months!), I definitely like the concept of lots of objectives at the center, as it forces my opponent to advance forward and meet me in open combat.

This is something I'm definitely going to have to consider in future games.


  1. I always try and place the objectives in the same general area if I can. I like being able to:

    a) Not have to make any difficult terrain rolls that ruin charges. Because that's what Orks rely on, making that charge!

    b) Being able to Conga Line my troops, so I can capture multiple objectives with the same unit. This is especially helpful in my case, where I tend to use MANZ as troops and I need to spread them out as much as possible!

  2. Well, you certainly conga lined your troops yesterday to great effect!

    Yeah, I might have to stop dropping those babies into cover, because if I lose the unit that's holding it, well, it just makes it that much harder to get a new unit in there. Or to dislodge the enemy unit that killed them.