Monday, October 4, 2010

Trying This Again. . .

Wow. . .has it been three months already? Apparently, I'm not so great at this blogging thing, but I'm going to give it another go. Needless to say, this past summer was completely unproductive as far as building and painting is concerned. And there was so much to discuss! Warhammer Eighth Edition dropped, and rocked the tabletop gaming world. I participated in the first and (finally!) the second round of 'Ard Boyz. And did I mention Warhammer 8th came out?

Anyway, this is (another) big apology to any of you that may follow this thing. This summer was spent sleeping, working and reading, with hardly a thought to my miniatures, or, at least, hardly a thought to them as soon as I closed the case after a game. I've pared down my armies, selling and trading off my Menoth and Vampire Counts to focus on Dwarfs and Blood Angels. There's a Fantasy tournament coming up in November, and with the new rules my army list has changed, so hopefully I'll get some painting done with them and get that posted up. In the meantime, I'll focus on other things -- Warhammer and Blood Bowl, to be more precise.

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