Thursday, July 1, 2010

Back in the saddle again. . .

Well, after an overly long month of inactivity, I managed to hammer out a few minis at the end of June. Though I ended up nine models short of my goal, here it is, my first cluster of painted Bangels. . .

Meet Combat Squad Lucius. I've decided to name every squad (and combat squad) after it's commander. So Combat Squad Lucius, led by Brother-Corporal Lucius, is part of Squad Titus, led by Brother-Sergeant Titus (not in photograph). The exact members of the combat squad may change (in fact, it'll often consist of two marines with Meltas, so the powerfist sarge can have the combat-heavy part of the squad), but hey. . .they're painted! I actually managed to try out a few slightly different techniques and settled on one I like. As an added bonus, I lucked out, because the entire combat squad looks extremely similar. Here're a few closeups of the leader, Corporal Lucius.

I've decided that all of the gems on armor and whatnot will be green. I had thought of doing red, as no doubt most Bangels players would do, but I thought that having green wax on the purity seals and green gems would make them pop.

I still have a few minor touchups to do, such as gloss varnishing the gems and touching up the black around the base edges, but other than that, I have a finished part of a unit! Woo!

In other news, I also played my second game of Warhammer 8th Edition, and it was awesome! This time around, I threw down with 2,400 points, Dwarves versus Dark Elves. It was a great time. Mike T., my opponent, is a great guy anyway, and although we got slowed down by checking rules, the game itself was intense. We laughed, we cried, I rolled dice off of the table. We actually had an audience, besides. I managed to win because of the mission, but it was a brutal slaughter on both sides. I lost almost an entire 28-strong unit of Hammerers before they even got into combat. That's how nasty magic can be, and he only had two level two casters! I'm even more stoked for 8th edition now!

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