Saturday, May 15, 2010

Madness Hath Consumed Me. . .

Although, I suppose you could say that of anyone who participates in our Hobby, but I meant in a more specific way. I locked myself away in my nerdery upon returning home from work yesterday (around 2:00 in the afternoon). With only a few brief excursions to greet and talk to my wife, and of course the necessary foraging trips to the kitchen, I did not leave said nerdery until 12:00 last night. I suppose I finally know how it feels to be a mad scientist, obsessed with finishing one's work.

Unfortunately, when I emerged, rather than cackling madly with glee before unleashing some unholy terror on the world. . .I just had more assembled minis. Now, the list I'll be fielding is drastically different from anything I've ever seen fielded before (after all, everything has a jump pack or is in a flying transport). But I'm sure it's not all that different from lists that are going to be fielded all across the U.S. today.

Here's the list I'll be rolling with. . .

Astorath the Grim

Assault Squad
-- Flamer
-- Flamer
-- Sarge w/Power Weapon

Assault Squad
-- Melta
-- Melta
-- Sarge w/Power Fist

Assault Squad
-- Melta
-- Melta
-- Sarge w/Power Fist

Death Company
-- Power Fist
-- 4 x Power Weapons
-- 5 x Death Company

Death Company Dreadnought
-- Blood Talons (Heavy Flamer/Melta)
-- Drop Pod

Furioso Dreadnought
-- Frag Cannon
-- Drop Pod w/Deathwind Missile Launcher

Sanguinary Priests
-- 3 x Priests with Jump Packs

Vanguard Veterans
-- 3 x Power Weapons
-- Jump Packs

-- Multi-melta
-- Drop Pod w/Deathwind Missile Launcher

-- Extra Armor
-- TL Heavy Bolter, TL Assault Cannon

While I'm going to give up a TON of potential kill points in that last, special scenario (34!), I feel like this list can dish out a whole lotta hurt. For starters, it will be more maneuverable than most other lists I'll be facing. It can easily outrun footsloggers, and while units in transports can keep up with or outrun this list, they can't assault from inside their tin cans. Against gunlines, I can hold the entire list in Reserve, and thanks to Descent of Angels, Deep Strike so close that they get one round of shooting before they start dying in droves with unheeded prayers to their heathen gods on their lips.

Not sure if it's going to work. After all, I'm as unfamiliar with this list as my opponents will be. But the wealth of tactical options it provides will be fantastic. Look for battle reports up here tonight or tomorrow, and say a prayer to the Immortal Emperor that I may find victory.

For the Emperor, For Sanguinius!

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