Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I Have Come to Destroy You

Well, not me personally, but this dude. . .

This is my Furioso bearing a Frag Cannon, which is just too cool not to field. A S6 rending template that fires twice? Yes please. Sure, it's not going to do a whole lot against marines, but orks and bugs? C'mon! I was also sure to keep the melta on the Blood Fist (dread CCW) so he could serve in an anti-vehicle role if need be. The cannon itself was really simple. In fact, almost the entire model, minus the left hand and shin guards, is from the Ironclad Dreadnought sprue. The frag cannon arm is simply the hurricane bolter arm from the Ironclad with a slight modification. The arm comes in three parts -- the inside, the outside and the front. The front "cap", if you will, has a bar of plastic going down the inside, to separate the two rows of bolters, I would imagine. So I simply clipped that bad boy out, chopped two barrels off of a Dwarf organ gun, and stuck 'em in there. Blammo. Here's a profile view of the cannon.

I'm hoping this bad boy will pay some big dividends come Saturday, when it's 'Ardboyz time.

While I'm still a good way off from having everything assembled, I did also manage to finish these guys:

It's another assault squad (sans backpacks right now), this one with two flamers. The picture's a little small, but that's not super important as I did little modifications here. In fact, the only model I spent extra time with at all was the sergeant.

Again made entirely out of Death Company bits (as all of my sarges and vets will be), this dude has the pointing Assault Marine sarge arm, and he's landing/leaping off of some wrecked Eldar wraithbone (I think from a war walker?). I like it, because I imagine him jumping into battle, pointing that nasty power fist at some foe, and shouting, "I'm comin' for YOU!" The little blob on the base is actually putty. I accidentally snapped the piece as I was trying to bend it, so I had to plastic weld it to the base hardcore, and then throw some putty behind the elevated arm to give it some support.

I'm currently working on my third assault squad, this one boasting two meltas like the first, and then I'll be done with my scoring troops. That only leaves me ten vanguard vets and ten death company. . .

I do remain hopeful that I will finish. After all, I kind of have to. Sadly, the time crunch means that I will probably not be able to convert up a dreadnought to serve as my Death Company dread with Blood Talons before Saturday, so I'll have to run boring, old Blood Fists. Not that a model with five S10 attacks on the charge is a BAD thing, but I was looking forward to charging a blood talon dread into a unit of plague marines and kill, well, nearly all of them.

Lastly, an apology to those of you who have been trying to follow this blog. I think I'm going after "World's Worst Blogger", or something like that. But I have resolved to make a much sounder effort. After all, I'm going to have a LOT of model building progress to report these next two days, and then battle reports after Saturday. And after that, Mordheim warband progress. And after that, I'll actually start PAINTING my Blood Angels. Which will be weird for me. I've never had more than five fully painted models in any 40k army I've ever owned. Yes, I'm serious. And I've been playing the game for five years.


  1. WOW! NICE WORK!! Dude you have got to paint some of this stuff but I am digging the conversion work! Well done!

  2. It looks pretty good...but something is a bit off on the frag cannon (LOVE that weapon!). I'll take a peek at that and your Sanguinary wotnot soon and see what we can do ;)

  3. Hey Jaybe, thanks for the support! The painting will, hopefully, begin soon. I may have to build one more model for my Mordheim warband (the campaign starts in two weeks), and finish my boat, but I've already given up on the thought of my Dwarfs for the present.

    And Dez. . .I had that model there last night. :-P

  4. I figured. I was in a mood, decided not to go on my way home.