Monday, April 12, 2010

Distractions, how I love/hate thee

Instead of finishing the two Dwarf bolt thrower crews I started last Wednesday, I spent all of yesterday assembling a Bangels assault squad.  Okay, not all of yesterday, but between actually clipping, cleaning and assembling, and watching Arrested Development on demand, I got nothing done on my dwarfs.  The tournament is now three weeks away, and I still have to paint:

2 x Bolt thrower crews
1 x Stone Thrower and crew
1 x Organ Gun and crew
1 x Dwarf Lord on Shieldbearers
1 x Dwarf Thane Battle Standard Bearer
1 x Runesmith
1 x Master Engineer

Not an overly daunting list, especially considering I have a week off from the 19th to the 25th, but given my track record. . .I may not have an army done.  On the bright side, I have the bolt throwers themselves done.
Still. . .that assault squad is looking pretty BA. . .for Blood Angels. . .I need to be stopped. . .


  1. Sigh...same boat...between Watching Bones(yeah netflix) while trying to paint, and then Splinter Cell:Conviction gets released I dont feel like I got much done the last couple of days... :D

  2. Yep. My plan is to power through next week on April vacation (gotta love working for a public school), but my wife and I are gone Tuesday afternoon through Thursday afternoon. . .it's seriously cutting in on my painting time. And the tourney's in two weeks!